About Velma

  Velma: a Mental Health Warrior, Velma shares her story of overcoming anxiety, panic attacks and depression and what helped her in coping with mental health issues, she wants others to stand strong in themselves knowing they are not alone and knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel whether they choose a holistic approach or a traditional meds approach with their doctor. Don’t fall into a “all or nothing” thinking distortion,  you can do both. Everyone is different, I am just sharing tools and insights that worked for me hoping it will be inspirational. A good resource is NAMI (national alliance for mental illness). Listening is worthwhile, listen.

Velma has seen many extraordinary things in her lifetime, being born to missionary parents who were teachers in S. Africa and Kenya she enjoyed a childhood growing up in Africa, Canada and the States and had the good fortune to travel and experience different cultures. She was one of the youngest sisters in the world to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with her dad. Velma is a woman who has been influenced by the amazing woman who have gone before her – especially by her grandma who lived to be 108 in her own home. What an amazing era to live through, they are a generation that impacted the world with grace and dignity. Woman didn’t even have the right to vote in the USA when her grandma was born. Both her dad and step dad served in WWII, her step dad in Belgium, Normandy and France as a medic. She survived the tragedy of having four members of her family in a plane crash that took the life of her dear dad so she became acquainted with the stages of grief at a tender age. My younger sis was just 11 when she was in that plane crash. When I watched Michael Jackson’s funeral online and his daughters sobbing “I love you daddy” it struck me that ‘we were that same age when we lost our daddy!” Many thanks to all those in our African community who held us children in their hearts all these years! She earned a 4.0 GPA during academy/high school in spite of everything and she earned a honors degree in Psychology from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. She survived a brain aneurysm bleed out which is very rare (her doctor told her 92% don’t survive and of those that do 50% are paralyzed) so she has shared the life lessons gifted her by her near death experience to gently inspire others in blog posts and through life coaching as a Contentment Catalyst. One more thing, she is happily married to a computer guru – lucky her! Share her posts on facebook or google plus or your favorite social media, sign up for her newsletter and follow along as she shares her experience and knowledge.

I help people  make a positive difference in the lives of other people. (I help people like you as a Contentment Catalyst Life Coach learn self love, gratitude and prioritizing values so by unwinding negative beliefs, overcoming fear, uncovering limiting beliefs and overcoming negative self talk they can come up to their death bed without regrets and experience Living Full Out.)

My ideal client is someone who wants to make a difference, a positive difference in their world. We do that by goal setting.

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