Self-help Lesson #27 Unfold Core Beliefs using Visualization on the web

Let’s look at a practical, down to earth process for dealing with worry, anxiety and cognitive restructuring. We all have thoughts every day of our life, but if our thoughts reflect stress or negative limiting beliefs we can take steps to change that. I have facilitated hundreds of people in this process and it is humbling to see how effective it can be. Here is an example of a ‘clearing’ which you can find more of on the web.

Limiting Subconscious Belief 1.2 – “I’m not good enough to be loved”.

“The conscious and subconscious are like our mental software and our life experience is our printout. If we are holding limited, negative, judgmental beliefs – either consciously or subconsciously, our body and life experience reflect these distortions. Thus, to remove these distortions will positively effect our lives. The removal of limiting, mental distortions or blocks (also called inner tapes) can be called Clearing.”


Pathway Description: “There are two kinds of love. Egoic love is based on perceived value and really is a form of like. Whole-minded Love is of the Spirit. It is for that which doesn’t change — ever. Good enough is about like. It has nothing to do with Love.

Clearing Steps:

  • Image yourself as a child in a moment of fear or concern. (If you are not good at working with inner or outer children do the following process with an animal or a person you feel caring for. Just substitute when you see the word “child.”)
  • Separate yourself from the inner child so that you can see or feel the inner child but not be the inner child. Get far enough away so that you can feel caring for that which you observe. You may still feel the feelings of that which you observe but recognize that the feelings are not of you even if you feel them (we call this empathizing)

If separation is difficult do this Separation Visualization:

The reason that you are having trouble getting to an experience of caring, love or compassion is that you are trapped in an egoic part of your mind.
In most cases this egoic part is an inner-child pocket or bubble of past experience. Think of it as an emotional videotape of a moment of intensity from childhood. The pocket contains what you felt at the moment. It has been contributing, to a greater or lesser extent, to your overall state of mind. Perhaps it added fear, anxiety, sadness, hatred or jealousy. In every case it will be cleared away by Love and Truth which emanates from the Life-Force or God and the natural, real you will be able to shine through into your awareness.

Egoic Separation Visualizations 

  • Feel the limited, painful or upset emotion of the inner child. Imagine unzipping the back of the inner child and coming out of the inner child as a being of light. Back away from the inner child until you come to the end of its energy field. This could be visualized as the wall of a bubble that encases the inner child. Unzip the bubble and step out of that. You may find that you have separated from the egoic pocket and you have become aware of the wholeness in your mind.
  • Leave the inner child, for a moment, on the earth. If this doesn’t feel comfortable, then imagine that you leave your body with the inner child and you step away, for just a second of earth time, as a light being.
  • Get into a rocket ship and go deep into space. The rocket will stop and you step out. There is a column of light. It is perfect, unconditional love. It fully accepts you without comparison or judgment. You enter it and imagine that it feels like coming to the perfect home. Total acceptance. Imagine that you make the column complete by your being there, like the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle completes the puzzle. Let yourself be with the experience.

Look out from the column with inner vision. Could you find caring or love for that little inner child on earth?

  • Sometimes the thought of distance is enough to help you separate out. Imagine that you’re on the moon. If you keep getting sucked into the feelings of the inner child (rather than observing the feelings and still being in your own light and love), then imagine a very thick buffer between you and the inner child which you can’t be sucked through.
  • Sometimes a dimensional shift will help you to separate out. Imagine you take a photo of the inner child who is having an intense feeling and turn the photo upside-down on a table. Now you can’t see the inner child. You are without the inner child’s influence. Or, you could be watching a videotape of the inner child and turn it off. If valuable, you could put a beautiful scene on the video to replace the video of the inner child. Now look to see if you can find your feelings of love, caring, or compassion for the inner child regardless of its feelings.
  • Ask the angels or guides or Jesus or God to come and get you out of identification with the inner inner child pocket and take you to the light. You could simply say, “Help! I’m stuck. Take me to the light.”

Let the caring flow through you to the inner child. If there is a good feeling in the caring without any need for a return from the inner child then Whole-minded or unconditional Love is flowing through you. This is the God energy that does the healing.

  • Now, as you experience caring/Love flow through you ask yourself the following questions. The answers will show you, from your own experience, the truth of Love.
  • The caring/Love you feel, does it have an end? If not then you are experiencing what the masters call the timeless, the eternal.
  • Could this love diminish if the inner child were less attractive?…less smart?…less successful?…not liked or untalented? What you may be feeling is that Love is not based on anything.

So if this inner child (or animal or person) changed in anyway there would still be a stream of energy in your mind that Loves no matter what.

So, now, answer this question: does the inner child have to be good enough to be loved? Does good enough have anything to do with Love? I open to the realization that Love is for that which doesn’t change. That Love is not like. That Love is its own reward. I open to the experience that Love flows through me for all of creation and that I am the witness of this Love and the beneficiary.”

used with permission © by Dr. Rick Moss PhD. Thank you.

If you have internet access you may listen to several excerpts from audio cassette on universal limiting beliefs online:

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