Self-help Lesson #23 Worksheet for Processing Automatic Thoughts and Reframing

Automatic Thought Record

                      Sample & Worksheet for Processing Worrisome or Negative Thoughts

Does worry interfere with your infinite receiving? Don’t know what to do with the anxiety you feel? Do you want to be more positive but don’t quite know how? Even successful people and leaders have negative thoughts. Start here. Identify the automatic thoughts you have when you are feeling anxious. Acknowledge them. Use this worksheet to write down your own events, thoughts, anxiousness, and worry. Then do some brainstorming to replace that automatic thinking. Reframe those specific worries by using this worksheet. The more you customize and personalize the work by being specific the more helpful the new way of thinking will be when you replace those automatic thoughts. Directions: Print up this worksheet and fill in the blanks. Let’s begin with an example:

Event Example: Mental flash of having a car accident
Feeling Example: Fear, dread, anxiety, trepidation, worry


Automatic Thought


“What if I get in a car accident, die, or have a panic attack while driving?”


Cognitive Distortion (See Lesson 20)


Over-generalization, catastrophizing, negative-filtering


Alternate Thought


“I’ve been driving for years and never had a  car accident, I’ve only had sweaty palms and anxiety”  “I’m OK even if I have a panic attack”.


Write down an event from your life:

My Event



Write down the feelings this even triggers:

My Feelings



What thoughts run through your mind?

My Automatic Thoughts



Consider whether these thoughts are accurate? See Lesson #20

My Cognitive Distortion



Change the thoughts, replace them, brainstorm or ask others for alternative thoughts: 

My new thought:




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