Self-help Lesson #9 Nutrition As A Self Care Method To Help Manage Depression And Anxiety


  1. There are things that can aggravate depression. It is a good idea to avoid substances that do that. Some of these would include:  caffeine, coffee, cola, chocolate so have a maximum of 1 cup of soda a day, preferably none. Another thing to look out for is nicotine, preservatives,  salt  and meat hormones
  2. Avoid and reduce stressful eating habits like eating on the run, eating too fast or too much.
  3. Reduce sugar and check for food allergies.
  4. Drink water throughout the day. 6 8oz glasses of pure water every day.
  5. Increase the number of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  6. Supplements – Vitamin B6 is a necessary building block for the brain chemical serotonin. (People with depression often find serotonin deficiencies so consider taking a vitamin B complex.


  • Get outside and feel the warm sun on your skin.
  • Sit near windows where possible.
  • Have a regular sleep/wake cycle
  • During daytime hours arrange for field trips outside.
  • Try putting your lights on a timer that are set to 1/2 hour before you awaken.
  • Purchase light bulbs that mimic the natural spectrum of sunlight and spend lunch etc under them.
  • Make major life changes in the spring when there is more sunshine available. Postpone big decisions until Spring where possible.
  • Vacation in a warm, sunny location during the Winter.


1 thought on “Self-help Lesson #9 Nutrition As A Self Care Method To Help Manage Depression And Anxiety

  1. Everyone around is me always rushing. Rushing to work, rushing their work, rushing their meal, rushing their workout… If you’re perpetually rushing, you’re not going to give your best or see any opportunity. it means your time management is poor. Calm yourself down, and brainstorm how to do things better.

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